Practice Areas
Melnik Legal's practice focuses on a number of areas including:
Tatiana is well-versed in drafting various policies and procedures and assisting companies to comply with their existing policies and procedures. Companies often wish to use the latest and greatest technologies to engage their customers and empower their employees. But new technologies may require new policies and procedures to set appropriate limits and expectations for employees as well as other users of a company's mobile apps, website, social media pages, and so forth. Tatiana understands technology and works with companies to help them adapt to the challenges that new technologies may bring.

Tatiana is experienced in reviewing and successfully negotiating a variety of complex legal agreements, ranging from the purchase of electronic healthcare records (EHR) technology, to athletic sponsorship agreements, to data sharing agreements among companies in highly regulated industries. Tatiana is also experienced in drafting and negotiating some of the more traditional agreements including physician extender employment agreements, business associate agreements (for covered entities and business associates), non-disclosure agreements, and others.

Tatiana routinely counsels business owners on various fundamental business operating issues as well as more complex regulatory compliance matters. Tatiana works with various types of clients, from entrepreneurs just starting out, to physicians and physician practice groups, to data centers and other information technology vendors.

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Speaking Engagements
Tatiana Melnik is experienced in developing engaging training sessions and presentations.

Tatiana speaks frequently on a variety of healthcare information technology, information technology, privacy, data security, and compliance issues. She is a recognized speaker in a number of areas, including HIPAA/HITECH compliance, data breach notification requirements, telemedicine, cloud computing, mobile medical apps, BYOD policies, and other areas.

Tatiana has spoken at conferences throughout the United States, including the HIMSS National Conference and the Executive Officer Leadership Summit of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Review publications and presentations.

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